CARMA'S Community Food Bank

Feeding the Pets in Our Community

Some people are faced with the decision  to buy groceries or feed their pets.  This can result in more pets ending up in shelters. The  Community Food Bank sponsored by CARMA, was created to help owners keep animals in their home, by providing them food for their pet.  The demand from the food bank is great.  The Community Food Bank seeks quality pet food, unopened  and fresh.

Help for Seniors

The Community Food Bank sponsored by CARMA, delivers Pet food to the Corrales Senior Center and the senior food bank. The Community Food Bank helps other rescues and fosters on a regular basis.  From it's beginning in 2017 until now, we have given out more than 85,000 lbs. of dog and cat food.

How You Can Help

The food bank relies on donations from various food stores and vendors and personal donations.  You can help by dropping by a bag of dog or cat food or simply clicking on the donate button on the CARMA homepage.