Adoptable Kittens By Cricket

Sweet Cricket


Around a year old, Cricket is loving , sweet and mellow.

The Cricketts


Born May 13th, these little babies are growing fast.  Ready for their new forever homes

See how they've grown!!


At 5 months old these precious babies are ready to go home with you!

Cady, Chrissy and Chloe


We three are just about 4 months old and ready for our forever homes

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One of Thomasita's kittens , 5 months old and ready to go!

Thomasita's kittens are ready to roll! 5 months old, sweet and playful

Miss Apple


Apple is about 5 years old and as sweet as they come

More CAts ready for adoption

Lovely Luna


Luna is 1 year old and extremely affectionate.  She purrs like a 1970 Chevy Chevelle when you pet her.  Available for adoption. 

Likes to Fly Solo - Suki


Okay okay, this isn't the best photo of Suki, but she's a tough one.  Suki is 12 years old, and would thrive in a home where she's the only cat.  Suki likes to fly solo.  Available for Adoption.

Sweet Sasha


Meet Sasha.  Sasha is a he, not a she.  Sasha is about 8-10 years old and has been at CARMA for a while.  He's super sweet and likes other cats.  Add him to your beloved colony today.  Available for Adoption.

Handsome, Handful & Ham Hamlet


Hello Hamlet!  Hamlet is 5 years old and he's funny.  Hamlet is as handsome as you can see from his photo.  Hamlet is a handful because when he gets stressed, he hisses until he feels safe again.  He's also a ham - Hamlet loves to lie on his back and show his entire underside to the sun.  He's not shy.  Consider adopting this handsome boy.  Available for adoption.

Cuddly Sweet Caroline


Caroline is a great cat.  She's about 5 years old and extremely affectionate.  You'll hear her purring from across the street!  If you've got an empty lap, Caroline will jump up and sit on it.  She would do fine in a home with another cat or on her own.  Don't miss out on adopting this beauty.  Available for adoption.

Fearless Feline Jody


Jody, 4 years old, has a ton of personality.  He was recently spotlighted on CARMA's Facebook Page.  Fearless because he down't backdown from more dominant male cats.  Jody can get a bit bossy.  I see Jody weekly, he's affectionate and loves to be pet.  That's him in the video at the top of the page.  Available for adoption.

Its Raining Cats!

Maxim, A True Gentlemen


Let me tell you a bit about Maxim, he's a true gentleman.  I visit Maxim weekly when I volunteer with CARMA.  Maxim never pushes or fights with the other cats at feeding time.  When I give the cats treats, Maxim waits patiently for his allotment.  Maxim loves loves loves his treats - Friskies Party Mix please!  Maxim is 6 years old and deserves a loving home with or without cats.  Available for Adoption. 

Spirited Miss Molly


Miss Molly, how do you do?  I met Molly when she was a wee kitten.  She's now 4 years old.  Molly is one of the most beautiful long hair cats you will ever see,  She's almost near purrfect, except she's  . . . spirited.  When the other cats see Molly coming, they get out of her way and I don't blame them.  She's bossy and opinionated.  Molly would do well in a home where she's the only cat.  Available for adoption.

Resilient Marcie


When I see Marcie, she reminds me why I'm an animal person.  Marcie is 14-years old, and had been adopted years ago to what was a loving family.  However, that "loving family" decided they didn't want a cat any longer, and they gave her back to CARMA.  Its hard on a cat to lose its home.  Nevertheless, Marcie adapted and she's always in a good mellow mood.  Marcie deserves a happy ending.  Won't you give her a second chance?  Available for adoption.

Gentle Jerry


Jerry loves to sit on laps and he'll stay there contently, until you have to get up and go to the bathroom or get something to eat.  He's 8 years young and gets along with other cats.  Available for adoption.



Sometimes black cats get a bad rap.  Tatum could probably explain to you why.  As you're listening to Tatum tell her tale, be sure to pet her gently.  Tatum is spectacularly beautiful.  Her coat is sleek and shiny.  Tatum is 5 years old, and like me, doesn't do kids.  Available for adoption.

Cuddly, and Curious Conway


Conway is one of the coolest cats I've met.  He loves loves loves to be pet while he sits on your lap.  Despite being 8-10 years old, Conway is full of life.  Check out Carma-On-the-Move page on our website.  There is a video for the Battle of the Bands where Conway makes an appearance.  He's front and center.  Available for Adoption.

Loving adoptable dogs needing a home



Faleen  is sweet girl. She is a mix of golden retriever  and Pyrenees .  Good with other pets. perfect hiking or camping dog.




Hi, I am a one year old , happy, active, healthy neutered puppy.  Before CARMA rescued me, I spent most of my life on a chain because I can climb and jump fences.  A home with high fences or an apartment would be a great place for me.  I am an indoor dog that would love to go for walks and hikes on a leash.  I am housebroken and very good in the house, I am not destructive and I am good with any size of dog.  I am a little shy but I warm up quickly to new people.  

Check out these furry felines

Lovely Lucy!


Hi Everyone!  Meet Lucy!  Lucy is so cool because unlike some cats that just sit around watching the birds outside, Lucy keeps busy and loves to play.  This could be a good thing because Lucy has been with children and can play with them.  At CARMA, Lucy's favorite playmate is Star, and if adopted together, you are guaranteed great entertainment watching them.  Lucy & Star are available for adoption.

"Lotus" - Water Lillies


This is Lotus.  Yeah how cool, her name means - A large number of water lillies.  At CARMA, we like to believe that our Lotus is a rare Japanese Bob Tail.  Consistent with her name, Lotus spends tranquil moments in mindfulness.  What that means is that she takes in things and lives peacefully, calmly with purpose.  She enjoys soft petting and is okay with well behaved children.  This beauty is available for adoption.



Did you know that Tygon is an invented word, owned and used by Saint-Gobain and originated in the late 1930s.  Now I don't know what all that means, but what I do know is that CARMA's Tygon is a love.  Look at that face.  He so much wants to be loved and living in a new home he can call his own.  Tygon is 12+ years old and gets along quite well with other felines.  Tygon LOVES attention, so if you've got a spare lap and some time, come visit Tygon at CARMA or if not, he's available for adoption. 

Loveable Linus


Linus is 3 years and a big and lovable guy.  Linus is great with other cats, and guess what . . . he's available for adoption at CARMA.



And More Kittens


These Two Are Now Available For Adoption At CARMA

Kitties in their crate at the CARMA Adoption Center