CARMA's Story




2019 marks two decades since CARMA rescued its first animal. With that single action, the volunteers of CARMA started down a path that would lead to saving the lives of almost 5,000 dogs and cats and  turned the Village of Corrales into the first no-kill community in New Mexico.   Not a small achievement for a community that had no shelter and limited public resources.  Although small in size, CARMA has been mighty in its commitment to help homeless, abandoned, and abused animals. We believe that “there is a home for every animal.”  This is our mantra. That is the belief that drives our ongoing efforts.  With that in mind, CARMA seeks to find loving, permanent homes for the many cats and dogs that are awaiting adoption. CARMA's cats live in a cage-free and communal environment.  

We have forged relationships with rescue groups and sanctuaries throughout the country and have taken special needs animals to safe, no-kill environments when no options exist locally.  We partner with our local Animal Control so that no animals are euthanized unless they suffer from a grave illness that human intervention cannot heal them.  We have done all this with no paid staff, little advertisement, and limited funds.

CARMA has successfully rescued thousands of animals because of the inexhaustible support by its volunteers.  From fundraising to administering sub-cutaneous fluids for compromised animals, CARMA's President, Barbara Bayer, and CARMA volunteers suit up and show up for their love of animals and commitment to justice.