Success Stories



Cody, the Wonder Dog!


Rescued from the side of a road in a box, Cody was just a wee pup without a foreseeable future,

His Windblown Look


His Professional Side


It's All About Sam!


Before His New Forever Home

This is Sam.  He lived at CARMA for a while before being adopted by a CARMA volunteer.  SAM looks serious in this photo, probably because he was stirring up trouble with the other cats at CARMA.


Sam - 1 Month in His Forever Home

Sam snoozes in the cat tree house in his mom's office at home.  It's his way of keeping her company.


Sam is One Smooth Cat!

Sam no longer causes trouble with other cats.  At his new forever home, he lives with an adopted brother and sister, plus three big canine cousins.  Aside from being super greedy with food, he's a smooth operator with his siblings.




McKenzie came to CARMA years ago with her brother Maxim, after they were found very young surviving on their own.  She's always been curious.



McKenzie was adopted by a CARMA volunteer who had another cat at home, Grady.  McKenzie and Grady became fast friends and snuggle on cold nites.

A New Future


McKenzie has been in her forever home for two years now and is doing well.  She enjoys sleeping in her cat tower with her brother Sam, plays chase with her canine cousins, eats a lot, and loves to stare out the window - thinking about a new future.

Way to Go Sherman!


Sherman was surrendered by his owner because he was hyperactive.

He's Only 8 Months Old

Sherman is an 8-month old St. Bernard who has lots of energy and needs focused attention, time, patience, and lots of muscle, cuz . . . man is he strong and big!

Thanks to His Foster Mom

Sherman's foster mom adopted him.  She'd like to make him a service dog.  Seriously?  Sherman a service dog?  What a happy new start for him.  Sherman, a working breed, will now have a purpose that he naturally wants to fulfill.  Stayed tune for updates to his journey.


Meet Charcoal

Charcoal, a six-month old puppy whose jaw was so tightly closed she could barely eat. She was turned over to CARMA by a public shelter in an effort to save her life. Although the original injury had healed, it was discovered she had been shot in the face leaving her with a broken jaw and damaged eye. Surgery was performed to repair the jaw and remove the eye. After physical therapy and other necessary medical care, Charcoal was adopted into a home where she is much loved.

The Bond of a Mother and Daughter

Carma rescued its first animal - lilly

Lilly - Small But Powerful

Lily, the first CARMA rescue, was a four-month old kitten when she came to CARMA. At less than 2 pounds, she could barely walk or eat on her own. She was covered with wounds and was diagnosed with septicemia. Although the veterinarians believed she would not survive, she was nursed by a CARMA volunteer. After six months of intensive care, Lily was healthy and happy. She was adopted and lived to be 18 years old. 


In Memory of ed

Success Comes In Different Forms

A Very Personal Tribute to Our Late Cat ED

From his Adopter

I have always been a rescue person. My house and life have always been cluttered with animals, particularly the ones no one wanted—cats, dogs, chickens, you name it.  So it was a natural progression to become involved with an animal rescue group and the people who shared my love of rescuing, helping, and loving the previously unlovable. 

It was no surprise that when I got the call to foster and help a very sick, injured kitten I said, “Yes, of course. Bring him over.” The surprise was how deeply I fell in love with this little white, tailless, handicapped Manx kitten who came to be called “Ed.” Very quickly Ed became the love of my life. He was so different, so needy, yet so brave and determined to get on with his life in spite of all the barriers he was facing. And so, this tribute is to Ed, “the little engine who could.”

Ed, at about 6 weeks old, was found under some bushes in a rural area of New Mexico, so it is probable he was abandoned by his mother. Like many Manx kittens, he was born without the ability to defecate and urinate on his own. When I first met him, he was very ill. He had been living on bird seed and leaves and had numerous medical problems. Thus began the journey to try to make this poor sick little boy as whole as he could be. 

Even though he shouldn’t have survived, miraculously, he did. I had to learn to carefully manage his bodily functions and to exercise his useless back legs. With me, every step along the way was CARMA. Vet visits and trips for acupuncture. When we were told Ed had a hernia and it had to be repaired, CARMA stepped up for major surgery. Although the specialist was less than enthusiastic about doing the surgery, once he saw the commitment and love we all had for Ed and his determination to be as normal as he could be, the surgeon was on board with a plan to help him. In the end, Ed had the surgery he needed and it was incredibly successful. And through it all, CARMA was been at my side, encouraging and supporting me at every step, my ally in doing the impossible. All the veterinarians have said they had never seen a Manx kitten with Ed’s disabilities survive. But then they had never met me or CARMA.

Ed did not prevail. In the end, after overcoming every hurdle that life could throw at him, he succumbed to FIP. It has been a huge blow to me and all who knew and loved him. That is why, as CARMA’s most lasting tribute to an amazing soul, they are dedicating their new CARMA Adoption Center to Ed. It will be called “Ed’s Place,” to keep alive the memory of this little miracle and to pass on the love and devotion all of us at CARMA have had. Ed’s Place is a reminder that the impossible can be possible, and that there is a home for every animal.