Carma's adoption center

A Dream Come True

As mentioned earlier, CARMA has numerous catteries in Corrales but most of these are only available to the public for very limited hours. With funds provided by a generous grant from the Dennis Friends Foundation, CARMA built an adoption center in Corrales. The CARMA Adoption Center opened in June 2018 and houses adoptable cats and kittens. The Adoption Center is located at the Corrales Kennel, 490 East Valverde, its open ……………………... .

In Memory of Ed

When we made the decision to build an adoption center, it was immediately evident that we would name the Center “Ed’s Place” after a very special cat named Ed, who passed away at 10 months of age. He was no ordinary cat. He was, in fact, an amazing soul that came into our lives like a lightning bolt and was gone too soon. 

He embodied the commitment we make to our animals, dogs or cats, and the love we give each of them. Ed is desperately missed by all of us whose lives he touched. If you would like to read about Ed, we have included a tribute from his adoptive mom under - "Success Stories".

For More Information

For more information on the Adoption Center, we invite you to contact Barbara at 505-321-6275. Due to the several animals CARMA currently has in its possession, CARMA uses its discretion in accepting dogs and cats at risk.  CARMA, however, does not discriminate based on age or medical need.  CARMA accepts the animals that other rescue organizations reject.